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Google Index Checker is a tool that allows you to check if a specific web page or website has been indexed by Google. When a page is indexed by Google, it means that Google has added the page to its search results and made it available for users to find through search queries.

The Google Index Checker works by sending a request to Google's search index to retrieve information about a specific web page or website. If the page or website is indexed, the tool will display a message indicating that the page is in the index. If the page or website is not indexed, the tool will indicate that the page is not in the index and may provide suggestions for how to get the page indexed.

The Google Index Checker can be useful for website owners and SEO professionals in determining whether their website or specific pages are being properly indexed by Google. If a page is not being indexed, it may indicate issues with the page's content or structure that need to be addressed in order to improve its visibility in search results.

There are several Google Index Checker tools available online, and they vary in features and capabilities. Some tools may provide additional information such as the date that the page was last indexed, the number of pages on the website that have been indexed, and other technical details that can be useful in diagnosing issues and optimizing a website's performance.