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A Whois checker is a tool that allows you to retrieve information about a domain name or IP address, including ownership details, registration date, expiration date, and other relevant information. Whois is a protocol used to retrieve this information, which is maintained by domain registrars and other organizations responsible for managing the allocation of domain names and IP addresses.

The checker works by sending a request to a Whois server, which maintains a database of domain names and IP addresses and their associated information. The server then sends back the information to the checker, which displays it in an easy-to-read format.

A Whois checker can be useful in several ways. For example, it can help you verify the ownership and registration details of a domain name, which can be important if you are considering purchasing or using the domain for your own website. It can also help you identify potential issues with a domain, such as expired registration or incorrect ownership details, which can impact your SEO and other digital marketing efforts.

There are several online Whois checker tools available, and they vary in features and capabilities. Some tools may provide additional information such as the registrar's contact information, the domain's DNS servers, and other technical details that can be useful in diagnosing issues and optimizing your website's performance